iPad Apps

Accelerated Reader
Now students can access Accelerated Reader on the iPad.
For additional information visit this blog about Accelerated Reader iPad app. 

BrainPop Featured Movie
Learn something new each day with the BrainPop movie of the day.  Watch the daily animation on topics such as science, health, biographies, social studies, technology and more.  Then take an interactive quiz.

Explain Everything
Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design tool which allows you to annotate, animate objects and use your own voice to explain what is going on. Explain Everything is one of the best app available for students and teachers right now. The app provides a powerful resource for all grade levels and curriculum areas. Explain Everything can also be used as a substitute for more expensive licensed computer software.

iLearnSolarSystem HD
iLearn Solar System HD is an app to provide children an interactive way to learn the solar system.  This app includes a large amount of information.  To get more in-depth information tap on a pin or swipe your finger across it to easily rotate a space object.  Zoom in to get a closer look and pinch to scale the space object. 

Landforms app includes curriculum-based information of landforms and bodies of water, types of each landforms, how each are formed, vocabulary and more.  Some of the landforms are canyon, caves, continent, deltas, gulf, hills, island, lakes, plateaus and peninsulas.

Leafsnap is the first in a series of electronic field guides.  This app through visual recognition helps to identify tree species from photographs of their leaves, flowers, fruit, seeds and bark.  Leafsnap currently includes the trees of the Northeast.

A Life Cycle
A Life Cycle App is an information-based app that covers a variety of science curriculum life cycle topics. Great for direct teaching and visual reinforcement. Each life cycle is illustrated and has both a written and voice over description. The life cycles included in this app are: frog, water, butterfly, plant, pollination, photosynthesis, moon phases, nitrogen, oxygen, and rocks.

ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard
ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard is a great free app that features simple creation and recording of lessons or annotation. Pictures can be inserted from the camera roll to draw or annotate. Great app for social studies maps, time lines, and math problems. Record voice and playback entire creations saved to camera roll.